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I am an SNSF Ambizione Research Fellow funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of Geneva (Department of Psychology) in Switzerland.

Research Interests

Our ultimate goal is to understand one of the main constraints on human cognitive behavior : the limited capacity of working memory. One of our primary research interest is in how information is mentally maintained in and retrieved from working memory, with a particular interest in how attentional processes counteract short-term forgetting. In addition to characterizing the structure and functioning of working memory, we are interested in the relationship between working memory and higher-level cognitive behavior in typical and atypical developing humans. We use behavioral experimentation to address these questions, sometimes in combination with neuroimaging.


Contact information

Email :

FPSE – University of Geneva
Campus Uni Mail
40 Boulevard du Pont d’Arve
1205 Geneva

Phone : +41 22 37 90 915